A journey about personal and business success

Inspired by past American Presidents, Mark’s dream was to live and work in America. Putting his entrepreneurial spirit into practise, Mark earned enough money to kickstart his dream. He bought a one-way ticket to America and backpacked through 40 American states for two years.
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of Contents

A Prayer
Chapter 1 In My DNA
Chapter 2 Spirit of Freedom
Chapter 3 Bags of Seeds
Chapter 4 Consequences
Chapter 5 The Joy of Winning
Chapter 6 Working Towards a Future
Chapter 7 Dreams and Disappointments
Chapter 8 Hiking Through the Country of Dreams
Chapter 9 Life Changes in South Africa
Chapter 10 Working in America
Chapter 11 New Beginnings
Chapter 12 Buddies for Life
Chapter 13 The Present is a Gift
Chapter 14 Living Without Fear or Favour
Chapter 15 Learning about Parenting, Business, and Conflict
Chapter 16 Business Lessons Learnt at Harvard
Chapter 17 More than Business as Usual
Chapter 18 Leaving a Legacy
Perpetual Life Lessons Learnt on My Journey
Dear Reader
Ground-breaking Speech
From the Ghostwriter’s Desk